Praying Hands

Family and Friends
McLaughlin Family
Family of Wendell Gaffney (He is on home hospice)
Family of Johnny Hoar in the death of Sandy Hoar
Family of Lynda Jordan in the death of her brother.
Beth (stomach issues)
Mike Yost (Upcoming surgery)
Tom Beckhoff (Healing from a car accident)
Stuart Taylor (surgery)
Cindy Garner
Toska Mungo
Delores Bryant
Buddy Crist
Michelle - (stage 4 cancer- Delores)
Wanda and Jay Edwards
Eugene White (Sharon Beckhoff's father took a bad fall)
Anita Meek
Carol Best
Sandra Garner
Ken Lankey
Nancy Holt
Brenda Renwick
Sandy Owens

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Pastors and Ministries
Pastor Randy and Cindy
Pastor Sam and Debbie and 1st Simple Church
Jess and Charity Family and Broadcast Church
Police and Fire personnel
Church attendance and our new families Salvations
Tithing and Faith Promise
Church Families
Childrens Ministry
Youth Ministry
Music Ministry
Local Missions
Our country, leaders, military and families
New Believers in Christ

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